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Spin Cleaning Machine
Available Wafer Size 3/4/6/8/12 Inch
Chuck Type Pin chuck/Vacuum chuck
Detergent IWC(Aqueous type with Surfactant-free)
Cleaning Method Spot ultrasonic/PVA brush/Vibrating ultrasonic etc.
Dry Revolution Speed ~2000RPM
Dry Supplement N2 Blow/Clean Air Blow
Clean Room Necessity Class 100
Cleaning Time 2min~
Drying Time 10sec~
SAUBER (Ultrasonic Cleaning System)
- Equipped with unique structure which can remove small particles and reduce detergent consumption
-Deoxygenated detergent and better ultrasonic power along with shortened cleaning time
-Vacuum cleaning/vacuum desiccating/appropriate recipe along with high-level performance
-Always the same cleaning level even with different operator

Machine Dimensions
Operating Height
Cleaning Tank Size
Ultrasonic Waves

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